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The newsletters links below contain useful links to relevant news in the Aviation, Space, Defense, and Maritime (ASD&M) industries.  However, they also have editorials which are relevant to all types of organizations.


June 2010  Topics: Is your organization prepared for a natural disaster?; I can see clearly now! (Well sort of); and Attitude... reaping the results of what you sow

March 2010  Topics: Everybody plays a role in safety; Behavioral assessment in applied counter-terrorism; and Visible problems get solved

February 2010  Topics: How long is your vision?;  International terrorism and its impact on the airline industry;  Drive poor performance... through ineffective dialogue

January 2010  Topics:  Procrastination:  Little problems become big all by themselves; Are you ready to utilize the safety culture in the organization when developing the safety program?; and The 6 Affirmations of Successful People



October 2009  Topics:  The rules have changed. Are you ready?; and When your employees throw you under the bus

September 2009  Topics: Do you really know the quality of your products?; and The price tag of loyalty lost

July 2009  Topics: More changes in the air for the U.S. aviation industry; and When the Shareholder becomes the Customer

June 2009  Topics: Management review: Is it working for you?; and Inside the circle but not at the table: The challenges of managing government cleared work

May 2009  Topics: Keep an eye open for changes at your suppliers; and The failure of common objective in multi-party work solutions

April 2009  Topics:  Human Factors and Airline Customer Service:  What's Next to Go?;  and Personal bias and regulations can be a costly combination

February-March 2009  Topic:  What a mess: Using the ValueTree to understand waste

January 2009  Topic:  Compliance: Follow the requirements trail


December 2008  Topic: Compliance vs. Commitment: Is your performance sustainable?

November 2008  Topic: Process Drift: Is your organization drifting?

October 2008  Topic:  Self-evaluating performance: Why do we audit?

September 2008  Topic:  Managing change as a process

July-August 2008  Topic: Are fuel prices your next supplier quality challenge?

June 2008  Topic:  Human Factors:  Can you see the train coming?

May 2008  Topic: Supplier Management:  A critical business process

April 2008  Topic:  Aging Regulators

March 2008  Topic:  Spring is the time to revive

February 1, 2008  Topic: Are you a pain to your customers?

January 1, 2008  Topic: People: Keep 'em or Boot'em


December 1, 2007  Topic: The value of systems

November 1, 2007  Topic: A case of censorship

October 1, 2007 Topic: Power of the Pen: Setting the standards

September 1, 2007 Topic: Exposing your organizational face.

August 1, 2007 Topic: Leadership and self: Keeping your batteries charged.

July 15, 2007 Topic: How healthy is your supplier chain?

July 1, 2007 Topic: Why do we experience human error?

June 15, 2007 Topic: Keeping it simple seems to be tough.

June 1, 2007 Topic: Knowledge equals speed.

May 15, 2007 Topic: Old dogs can teach tricks.

May 1, 2007 Topic: Accountability is a wonderful thing.

April 15, 2007 Topic: Have we forgotten the basics?

April 1, 2007 Topic: What makes a professional?


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