Knowledge Management

"Unless an organization objectively knows how much it knows, it really doesn't know."

The IPL Group is unique in its processes and ability to analyze the work of the organization, identify requisite knowledge and skill requirements, measure existing and needed organizational capability, and develop solutions for managing the know-how of the organization.

We make knowledge management a visual business process within your organization to reduce the risk of human failure.

Developed by Dr. M. Dreikorn, Process-Based Ontological Engineering (PBOE) provides a structured methodology to identify the knowledge requirements of the business processes of an organization's work or that of a professional domain. And, Integrated Knowledge Management (IKM) is a tool to support an organization to manage its knowledge and human capability and to secure its intellectual capital.

The concept is based on understanding what the business processes of the organization and ensuring those who have the responsibility for process execution have the requisite skills and knowledge. The value to the organization is the visibility of strengths and weaknesses so that knowledge can be managed as an organizational process. Not having the ability to ensure human capacity/capability is an expensive business risk.

IKM can also be deployed throughout the value stream ensuring suppliers and partners have the skills and knowledge to succeed. When deploying IKM in organizations, we utilize process mapping to truly understand the needs of the products and/or services as to eliminate waste in the knowledge management process. The process map facilitates the analysis of task and the further analysis of what type of skills and/or knowledge are required.

Once the expectation for skills and knowledge is established, personnel can be assessed to determine if they posses the skills and knowledge to perform the processes for which they are responsible. Ideally, professional development plans would be created utilizing the data from the personnel capability assessments.

IKM links process to task; task to skills and knowledge; and skills and knowledge to competencies and capabilities.