We Provide Experience-Based Learning Opportunities

Our training solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.

Our approach to training development focuses on the real and specific needs of the business. Recognizing that there are various reasons for training our courses are designed with the specific educational objective mind.

Process-Based Knowledge Management

The below model is an example of the structure The IPL Group, LLC applies in content design and related proficiency instrumentation and integrates into the Integrated Knowledge Management process. Basically, by identifying the task responsibilities we can understand what the knowledge requirements are and surgically deliver what your people need.


Instructor Led Virtual Training

Which is also known as webcast learning. We can deliver just about any learning need you may have in a cost-effective real time manner. Let us know what you need.

Classroom - Web-based - VILT

The IPL Group offers training which is based on real experience. We can bring to your organization the capabilities to develop training for most any unique situation and application. Examples of our training include:

  • Business process mapping
  • Leadership
  • Organizational systems
  • Taking action with performance measurement
  • Quality management
  • Root cause, corrective action and preventative action
  • Auditing practices
  • Accountability for leaders
  • Contract review
  • Supplier accountability
  • Knowledge management
  • Technical capabilities
  • Regulatory requirements

Classroom Based Learning

Our classroom offerings are led by the highest level of subject-matter experts in their field. These courses can be delivered at your location, minimizing the time away from work and limited total training costs. All of our classroom-based workshops can be tailored to provide the look and taste your organization requires.

Web-based Learning

The Aerospace and Defense Learning Institute (ADLI) is our internet based learning management system and provides the learner with total schedule flexibility. The following is a sample of our web-based learning opportunities. For the latest availability listing, visit The Aerospace and Defense Learning Institute (ADLI)

  • Introduction to Root Cause and Corrective Action
  • Fault Tree Analysis 101
  • Barrier Analysis 101

Plenty of new courses are on their way. So, keep an eye open at The Aerospace and Defense Learning Institute (ADLI) for updates.